Legacy Results | Client Case Study 2
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Client Case Study 2

26 Jun Client Case Study 2

Closely held distributor of business to business products


Client hired the Legacy Results to assist in developing a 3-year strategic vision for the company and to increase the ability to rely on the company’s financial system.

Performance Diagnostics revealed the following:

  1. Client was stuck in the commodity trap where lowest price was the main determinate of whether they won business.
  2. Financial analysis of his company revealed that a division of the company was operating below break even and was trending toward increasing losses
  3. Members of the management team were not aligned in the proper role based upon their natural behavior analysis. Wrong people in the wrong roles.
  4. Employee survey told us that the employees were unclear about corporate goals and objective.
  5. Customer survey pointed out various service issues that needed to be addressed.


Legacy Results brings a fresh outside perspective to business owners and management teams on how to improve these critical business components.