Legacy Results | Client Case Study 3
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Client Case Study 3

24 Jun Client Case Study 3

Nationwide mid-sized consulting group operating from a Midwest headquarter

Client hired Legacy Results to assist in re-organizing the company into a self-sustaining operation that would make the operation less reliant on the owner’s day to day participation. Client wishes to address the business model from one consisting entirely of personal services to a model that mixes information products with his consulting.

Performance Diagnostics revealed the following:

  1. Our analysis indicated that President had high natural behavior towards innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Other members of the management team had valuable unique abilities, but were not in the right roles based on the natural behavior. None of the management team members had the natural behavior to be managing others.
  2. Client surveys indicated that the business was viewed as being entirely dependant on the owner (read One Man Band). The company was viewed as spread too thin and currently not able to handle additional work.
  3. Employee survey indicated lack of knowledge of a strategic plan throughout the organization. It was stated that there was low level of accountability assumed by personnel. A formal salary review process and performance appraisal system was not in place.
  4. Financial analysis showed a higher than desired turnover of clients and employees. Company did not have a steady history of growth, but instead seemed to have a cycle of prosperity followed by a drought in project.


Legacy Results brings a fresh outside perspective to business owners and management teams on how to improve these critical business components.